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self-control is the definite guide to an intimate yet unsafe way of exploring all the possibilities of an open sexuality; reasoning about the hidden processes that move the hunger. Mind controls the desires and we will show you what happens when the self is consciously losing the control.

Jenny Self-portraits


Face the mirror for an introspective journey into intimacy and awareness. Between four walls, intense feeling fill the air through little specks. Self-portraits by Jenny Woods.
Dress by Spell Bridal, Vintage Vest

WIld girls

Zabriskie Point vibes for this vintage fashion story shot in the wasteland with two charming models. Photography by Amberly Valentine and styling by Molly King.


A new series shot by New York based photographer David Paul Larson with Spanish beauty Patricia, getting undressed just in front of his lens.


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Bruno Bisang

"The woman is the unique spring of sensuality and femininity". This photogallery celebrates his work in conjunction with the release of the book: Bruno Bisang: 30 Years of Polaroids published by teNeues.

50 years of control

Pirelli celebrates 50 years of sensuality. The 2014 release will be special calendar made in 1986 by Helmut Newton. 12 Black and white photographies, 28 backstage images shoot between Montecarlo and Chianti. In the meantime, a right and proper look at the past.

Nudity is the real uniform

In the hands of Vanessa Beecroft, however, classicism goes a step further: it is not only the individuality of the artist that is restrained, but the individuality of the subjects that is actively suppressed.

Vintage Control

the naughty side of the photographic history through erotic b&w photographs with a great variety of intimate encounters of several protagonists.

Sex in the digital age

The practice of sexting reflects the norms of society; adolescents are surrounded by a media landscape that celebrates sexuality. In an environment that has spawned celebrities such as Paris Hilton who are best known for their sex tapes and explicit upskirt photographs, is it any wonder that adolescents have learned too well that a surefire way to gain attention is to expose themselves to others?

They know they are alive

New subjects, always free to break the power game which takes lights between photographer and subject, pretending to not be observed. The colorful photographies are the perfect boundary to the reality.


play under the complete control


Sunday. Paulina wanted to take a bath in the pool. No photos, just a video to start the new year.

Control XX

Spontaneusnesse in its purest form. Hollywood 1938 about self-confidence and self-control. A video reportage about the naturism in the first half of the XX century in the USA.

Great salt lake

Playing with swim caps, goggles and oxygen tubes. Lots of flour and working with a large parachute.

Tatana Kucharova

When being home alone become intriguing and tempting. The amazing Miss World Tatana Kucharova less dressed of lace.